The company Frutas Hermanos Espax SL is one of the largest fruit centres in Lleida. Founded in 1977, our company, family-owned, has become a benchmark in the fresh fruit sector, with a huge expansion and more than 1,000 employees on its staff during the harvest.
The fruit marketed by Espax mostly comes from its own farms, monitored by our technical service, from the planting to harvesting and cold storage.
The strict control that is performed in the process, along with the experience gained over the years and the deep modernization of all the industrial processes performed in our handling centre allow us to certify a fruit of the highest quality.
Our packing and handling facility has the capacity to process more than 700 t. of fruit per day. We have a system for automated and optical selection of quality. This enables our products to arrive in the best conditions of freshness, texture and flavour in any destination.


Our production is approximately 60,000 t. a year that mostly comes from our own farms. Our technical service controls the entire process,

from choosing the best soil for planting to the harvest and cold storage or marketing, which is a guarantee of quality in the product and conservation at the point of sale.

The entire process is carried out by means of integrated production, environmentally friendly without the use of aggressive products, which is why our fruit is chosen by the leading companies in the baby food market.


  • Nectarine
  • Peach
  • Flat Peach
  • Flat Nectarine
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Cherry


Our fruit is present in the top domestic markets, although the majority of the production is for export.

Germany, UK, Italy and France are the main destinations of our products. Currently, Fruitas Espax is expanding its scope to the main countries of Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine and Poland, among others.

We are also working on expanding to other markets, mainly: Middle East, Arab and South American countries.



29.000 Tn


19.000 Tn

Flat Peach

5.000 Tn


5.000 Tn


1.000 Tn


1.000 Tn


Frutas Hermanos Espax S.L.
Ctra. Seròs, s/n
+34 973 797 257Telephone:
+34 973 797 157FAX:
E-mail: espax@frutasespax.com


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